'How to teach your kids about money'

The Workshop 


In addition to the blogs and the Habit Maker tool, we are looking to help as many parents as possible by hosting online 45-minute 'How to teach your kids about money' workshops for employees of different companies and clients of financial advisers.


We are offering a referral bonus to help spread the word about this workshop (see below for more information) 


Feedback from workshops:

These workshops have been receiving great feedback and attendance has been higher than most have expected. 

"The event was very well received by our Hong Kong colleagues with children - the feedback was that it was engaging and practical." Managing Director of the Hong Kong office of a global financial services firm.

"I don't have children but I wished I had learned these lessons many years ago!" Attendee


Foundation Workshop

Whilst we can do, and have done, bespoke workshops to cover a range of different money related topics, we suggest companies (advisers) start with the Foundation Workshop for their employees (clients). This workshop covers the most important aspects that all parents should be teaching their kids when it comes to money.

The agenda includes:

  • Why it's so important to teach kids, as young as 4 years old, about money

  • How to teach kids the different uses of money in an engaging way

  • Pocket Money (Allowance) - The most powerful financial education tool in the world!

  • Three essential money habits to teach your kids


Target audience:

Employees (clients) who are parents of children aged between 4 and 12 (although most employees find it useful regardless of the age of their kids, or if they have kids at all!)



45 minutes online workshop run by our Founder, Will Rainey.


Unlike many other corporate workshops, we have decided to keep our pricing low in order to reach as many parents as possible. Only $640 (£500) for the Foundation Workshop. 

We have so far carried out workshops in the UK, Hong Kong and Singapore.

If you know of a company or financial adviser that would be interested in our workshop then please let us know. We are offering a $100 (£80) referral bonus if a company or financial adviser you refer signs up to our workshop.

Please contact us at info@bluetreesavings.com if you are interested in helping improve the financial wellbeing of your employees and their families.