Story: Susan's Pocket Seeds

Two friends were travelling along the side of a slow flowing river. They were told to find food for their village as the very cold winter meant the small number of fruit trees didn't produce enough fruit for everyone.

After walking many miles they see a beautiful green forest in the distance. Excited they run with the hope that they can find food to take back to their village.

At the edge of the forest they see a small house. They knock on the door and a girl appears. The two friends look at each other in surprise for it was their school friend, Susan. They had not seen Susan in many years.

They asked her how she came across this forest. She told them that this is her forest.

The two friends couldn’t believe it and wondered how it was possible.

One friend asks “How do you have such a large forest? When we were at school my family had much more than your family and yet I don’t have a forest like this”

She explains - “I remember your family well. They were very generous with you. They would provide you with everything you ever needed. Whilst my parents didn’t give me as much, instead of buying things for me they did give me a few ‘Pocket Seeds’."

"What are ‘Pocket Seeds’?" he asked.

The other friend said, “I know, they are seeds your parents give you to spend on the things you want.”

“When I was younger my parents would take me to the shops to buy a new toy. Then when I was 8 years old, they would give me pocket seeds so I could buy my own toy."

“I am still confused, I was given pocket seeds, like you, yet I still don’t have a forest like yours.” he continued.

“The difference is, that whilst you spent your spends to buy the things you wanted, my parents told me to plant at least some of my seeds.“

“I planted my first pocket seed when I was 3 years old.” she said proudly

Those seeds started to grow and produced wonderful trees. These trees started to produce seeds which I kept planting. After many years, I have this wonderful forest which provides enough seeds for me to live off and help the people I am close to. It provides use settler and food in case there are emergencies.

The two friends told their story of how their village was suffering due to the cold winter and they were asked to find food. They both wished they had grown a forest like Susan.

Susan was happy to help her friends and gave them plenty of fruits from her forest to take back to their village. She also gave them some seeds from her trees so they could start growing their own forest.

The two friends returned to the village with the food Susan had given them. They also planted some seeds for themselves but importantly they gave some pocket seeds to their children so their children would one day have a forest just like Susan.

Message to parents

Teach your kids to grow their own forest by giving them some pocket seeds (money) from a young age (even as young as 3 years old). Encourage them to plant (save) a few of these, regardless how small, and let them witness their forest grow as they get older.

By helping them save from a young age they will be forming a savings habit which they will continue developing as they grow up. This is so important as it hard for children to change a spending habit they may naturally develop from as young as 7 years old.

If you'd like to give your kids pocket money digitally and show them their own financial forest then try out the Blue Tree Digital Piggy Bank.

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