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Guide to saving for your kids

Do you currently save for your kids?

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Start saving for them now!

Firstly, simply commit to saving for them each month. For now, it doesn't matter how you physically save.  You can save cash in a box or via an I owe you (“IOU”) on a piece of paper.

​You can refine exactly how you save later and we are here to support you with this. The key action is to start now.

To see the importance of saving then read my first blog #SaveAndTell

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Best way to save for them?

Taking the time to learn to invest for your kids can have material benefits. Find out why more parents are starting to invest for their kids and learn how to invest simply.

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Refine your strategy 


It's great that you are investing for your kids. It will make a real difference. 

To get the most out of those investments make sure you are not making the same mistakes so many people do. 

This blog sets out three simple rules for investing for your kids: 


Will your kids use their investments wisely?

Many parents fear that at 18 years old their kids might not be financially responsible. This blog set out what parents can do to ease this fear.

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Use the Blue Tree Sharing Tool


The tool allows you to share your existing investment account by family member.

Saves time as you see your family's investments in one place

Educates your kids about saving as they see they investments as 'Blue Trees'

Brings family and friends together to support your kids financial wellbeing as financial gifts are logged on the tool

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Don't be put off by the perceived risks of investing

Many parents get put off by the perceived risks of investing and therefore miss out on the potential benefits.

If the risks of investing put you off then you should consider reading these blogs. 


Investing is not as risky as you think.

Invest to make the world a better place.

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If you want to stick with savings account ...

This is the latest in terms of children's savings accounts for regular savings and instant access.

Best regular savers rates

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Best Junior ISA rates

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Invest your time to learn to invest

Investing is expected to increase your kids' savings by much more than a savings account. 

Investing doesn't have to be scary or hard work.

We appreciate that investing can be perceived as risky and hard work, as it's not taught in schools. We have therefore put together a series of blogs to help parents gain the confidence to invest for themselves and their kids.

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